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Contractions or not? It’s like a quick faint pain on the top of my belly under my boobs and period like cramps by my tailbone.

But I’ve had no other signs of labor. I had a headache earlier and then these faint pains. But other than that nothing.

Braxton Hicks. I’ve had them for the past couple weeks. I got all excited the first time I started having them, then I was sad haha

I’d agree with Braxton Hicks. With my contractions, they started out as period cramps that I felt in my back that progressively got worse and sharper. Then they got stronger and got worse in my back and hips.
I never felt pain in my upper abdomen and really only felt what I assume was cervical pain during maybe one contraction, and I think that was as she progressed lower into the birth canal. Then when she was ready to come out, it was just a lot of pressure in my cervix/vaginal, but the contractions were awful!

We’re staying for the night tonight. Even though I’m discharged they offer to let you “room in” to be able to stay close to your baby in the NICU. Not sure how long we’ll stay total. I think it’s easiest right now since Jake doesn’t have work tomorrow and we can just get up in the morning tomorrow and go see her.
The doctor didn’t repeat the echo since he sent it to a cardiologist (at the hospital my MFM doctor came from) who said the VSD is still there and small, but membranous so it won’t close on it’s own. So we’ll have to follow up with a doctor in, I think he said, eight weeks. I don’t remember which doctor he said though.
They haven’t drawn any labs since the other night but they did send off the chromosome analysis, which will take a little while to come back.
She ate really well through the night last night, according to the nurse, but doesn’t seem too interested during the day. I nursed her at 1800 for I think 13 minutes. She was hungry again before her feeding time and ate decently and got the rest through her NG. Jake did skin to skin with her when we went to see her. She seemed hungry when we were there and I was holding her and I tried to nurse but she wouldn’t really latch on either side. She did for a second on the left but wouldn’t continue and started getting upset, so I switched her to the right to try and she pretty much did the same thing. Jake got the nurse and we had to use a pacifier to calm her down and she slept a bit, then started smacking her lips again, so I tried on both sides again and she wouldn’t really latch or do anything other than being upset. I tried various positions on both sides but she just fought and was upset, tried using a sponge stick with (I think it had) sugar water to try to help her latch and get to sucking, but it didn’t work. Tried dripping some formula into her mouth as she had the nipple in her mouth and that didn’t work either. So I fed her a bit of a bottle and she got the rest in her NG tube. So it was frustrating but I stayed calm (despite feeling discouraged). I think she was frustrated having to work for it and not have instant gratification. I’m pumping now, which is also discouraging since I feel like I’m getting nowhere. After I delivered I got a little bit but it actually went into the bottle. Now it’s pretty much just staying in the cone and I have to scrape it out and onto the side of the bottle to even collect anything. I know a lot isn’t really expected or needed since it is so concentrated, but I expected more. I knew pumping was time consuming but I didn’t anticipate it to be discouraging. It makes me question how it’s going to work going back to school next week and having a 12 hour clinical day. Class should be fine since they want be pumping every two to three hours (and my longest class is just under three hours once a week) but that’s not really possible during clinical :/ Especially with only a hand pump. They need to post our semester schedule so I know what to expect.
They had stopped weighing her diapers but they’re starting back since they’re not seeing any pee in them, but she’s not showing any signs of retaining fluid either. And they’re trying to get her gaining weight. I think she said she had gained 20 grams last night but dropped 10 today. I asked the doctor who rounds during the day (Dr Peña) if he had any idea what her length of stay would be when we were in there earlier and he said it’s up to her really. He’ll need to see she’s gaining weight, able to maintain her temp, keep her sats up, feeding well, etc.



  • This route is usually used for tuberculin testing or checking for medication/allergy sensitivities
  • It may be used for some cancer immunotherapy
  • Use small amounts of solution [0.01-0.1 mL] in a tuberculin syringe with a fine-gauge needle [26 to 27] in lightly pigmented, thin skinned, hairless sites [inner surface of mid-forearm or scapular area of back] at a 10-15 degree angle.


  • This route is appropriate for small doses of nonirritating, water-soluble medications and is commonly used for insulin and heparin.
  • Use a 3/8- to 5/8-inch, 25- to 27-gauge needle, or an insulin syringe of 28- to 31- gauge. 
  • Inject no more than 1.5 mL solution. 
  • For an average size client, pinch up skin and inject at 45-90 degree angle. For an obese client, use a 90 degree angle.
  • Sites are selected for adequate fat-pad size [abdomen, upper hips, lateral upper arms, thighs]


  • This route is appropriate for irritating medications, solutions in oils, and aqueous suspensions.
  • Most common sites include ventrogluteal, dorsogluteal, deltoid, and vast us lateralis [pediatric]
  • Use needle size 18 to 27 [usually 22- to 25-gauge], 1 to 1.5 inches long, and inject at a 90 degree angle.
  • Volume injected is usually 1-3 mL.
  • If > 3 mL is required, divide into two syringes and use two sites.
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